Insurer Bad Faith and Punitive Damages Claims

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All too often in Florida, consumers, businesses and insurers find themselves in disagreement over the coverage terms of an insurance policy. "Bad faith," a term derived from the "covenant of good faith and fair dealing" implied by law in every insurance contract, is frequently cited when a claim is denied or a coverage provision is narrowly interpreted.

Charges of insurance bad faith frustrate the normal course of insurance litigation and can result in the threat of punitive damages by the insured against the insurance carrier.

The AV  listed partners of Marcus & Myers are experienced in evaluating the presence of bad faith in disputes involving insurance companies and commercial business policy holders. We handle cases throughout Florida, both in state and federal court.

It is important to act quickly in bad faith disputes during the claim and litigation process to fully evaluate the underlying claim and any bad faith aspects.

Our bad faith experience ranges from basic excess verdict claims through complex institutional business practices claims. We frequently handle bad faith matters involving first party and third party claims; extra-contractual (EC) claims; reservation of rights letters; standard business practices; unfair settlement practices; civil remedies; and other provisions of the Florida Bad Faith Statute  624.155.

The firm's partners speak at conferences and seminars on various aspects of insurer bad faith law in Florida.

As part of our professional and community service, we provide insurance-related educational training seminars to claims managers, SIU units, insurance executives, business owners, doctors, and others. Each seminar is tailored to your specific needs and requests.

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