Insurance Fraud, Arson & SIU Support

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The rising cost of medical, automotive, homeowner, commercial, health, life and disability insurance in Florida and nationwide is directly linked to the ever-increasing incidence of insurance fraud. Staged automobile accidents, arson, "phantom" thefts, and other methods designed to fraudulently obtain insurance benefits are common insurance fraud examples. Even the simple exaggeration of a loss is insurance fraud.

Marcus & Myers offers a full range of legal services relating to the following types of insurance fraud:

  • Auto insurance fraud
  • Fraud in insurance claims activities
  • Fraud rings
  • Health care fraud
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO) fraud
  • Insurance agent crimes
  • Insurance claim fraud
  • Insurance premium fraud
  • Insurer insolvency fraud
  • Medical fraud rings
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) fraud
  • Property damage fraud
  • Public employee fraud for workers' compensation
  • Unauthorized insurance entity fraud
  • Underwriting fraud
  • Workers' compensation fraud
  • Workers' compensation premium avoidance
Attorneys at the law firm of Marcus & Myers are experienced in handling insurance fraud cases in all lines of coverage, including health, life, disability, medical, auto, and property & casualty. We assist with coverage matters for commercial, personal, first party or third party claims.

Our legal services in regard to insurance fraud matters include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluate special investigations
  • Conduct examinations under oath
  • Assess insurance policy coverage language
  • Draft "reservations of rights" letters
  • Obtain non-waiver agreements
  • Coordinate with expert insurance fraud investigators and law enforcement
  • Initiate actions and file counterclaims for declaratory relief and rescission where appropriate

In the area of medical insurance fraud, we can assist in the evaluation of matters including: fraudulent bills; manipulation of patient records; billing for medical services never rendered or for services medically unnecessary; billing for expensive medical or laboratory tests that were never conducted; billing for medical supplies or equipment that were medically unnecessary; or inappropriate patient referrals to diagnostic facilities.

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