Bar Grievances

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Occasionally, attorneys engaged in the practice of law find themselves having to respond to a grievance filed against them with the Florida Bar. When this occurs, Marcus & Myers can help.

The initial response to the Florida Bar can often be the most important document in the entire grievance process. It can set the tone and outline the issues for the investigation conducted by a Bar Grievance Committee. Too often, the grieved attorney takes the grievance personally, and responds to the Bar emotionally, without the assistance of counsel. This can be a mistake.

The initial response to the Bar, if it demonstrates a complete lack of probable cause, can bring the grievance process to an end immediately. Further, if a Bar Grievance Committee is assigned to investigate the grievance, there are many options available at the Grievance Committee level that can be utilized to protect an attorney's license. However, many attorneys decline to seek counsel to help them through this phase of the grievance process. It is only after a finding of probable cause at the Grievance Committee level and the reference of the matter to the Florida Supreme Court for a Disciplinary Proceeding that many attorneys seek counsel. By this time, many opportunities for amicable resolution have been squandered.

Ernie Myers, an AV listed partner of Marcus & Myers, is qualified to handle matters before Florida Bar Grievance Committees. He has served as the Chairman of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee and is familiar with the procedures and options available during the grievance process.

Most legal professional malpractice insurance policies provide a benefit for legal representation during the Florida Bar Grievance process. This benefit should be used in the event of a grievance to get advice from an attorney familiar with process. Marcus & Myers stands ready to represent Florida attorneys in what could be the most important case of their careers: the defense of their license to practice law.

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