Health Insurance Disputes and Litigation

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Health insurers are faced with unique and difficult legal and compliance issues on an increasing basis. Abuses by some health care providers and outright medical "fraud rings" involving unscrupulous chiropractors, physicians, and attorneys - acting in concert - continue to drive the price of health insurance upward.

The AV listed partners of Marcus & Myers understand physician self-referral restrictions, reassignment of claims, payment suspension, overpayment recoupment and program exclusion. They have represented health insurers and third-party administrators in hundreds of health insurance disputes throughout the state of Florida.

Consumers blame increasing health care costs on the insurers, and respond hostilely when an improper claim is denied or a pre-existing condition is cited. At the same time, the increasing public need for adequate health insurance has caused a marked rise in the occurrence of fraudulent misrepresentations and non-disclosures in health insurance applications.

Insurance litigation of health care issues requires a singular knowledge of insurance law in this area of practice, as well as a comprehensive understanding of proper medical protocols and procedures. The partners at Marcus & Myers are available to assist you with health insurance disputes and insurance litigation.

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